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Force of will again June 23, 2012

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A mind frame with which it is hard to deny congruence: Ru-Jun doesn’t have the discipline that I would like her to have because I don’t have the mental discipline to concentrate on her like a laser when she does everything.  My mind needs freedom to rest.  She necessarily must be on her own in many moments.  And when she is out of my vision/voice command/control, my mental impression is that she drifts, and chaos builds.  Like the natural tendency for entropy in the entire universe.


Mac & Cheese June 22, 2012

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I learned from my mom how to make good mac and cheese from macaroni (or any pasta), velveeta (or any cheese that melts well), butter/margarine, and milk.  But I also have experience with box mac & cheese.  Different but also pretty good and liked by Ru-Jun.  Tonight we tried the individual serving microwave-cook version with the cheese powder.  Turned out good and is extremely easy.  Also, I like the serving size.  Ru-Jun ate the whole thing.  Which means I don’t have to help; I’m trying to cut down on pasta.  We will be switching over to this method for a while.


Very nice June 21, 2012

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Skype session with Eliza and Brent this evening. They are doing well out in California. It was great to chat with them.


Sleep war continues June 20, 2012

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Tough phase right now. Ru-Jun comes down to my room 7-8 times over about an hour with various contrived needs before settling down to sleep. Very maddening…


Talking about death June 19, 2012

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Ru-Jun suddenly asked last night whether everyone eventually dies. I gave her an honest answer snd she was quite upset. She was gradually OK with more discussion and a phone chat with our really good friend Rachel, mother of two of her friends, Emily (6) and Carter (5). I think the whole star wars obsession brought this on and she is a little young for it, but it happened. Yoda has become her imaginary friend of sorts. She asks and talks about his death from old age often.


writing June 18, 2012

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Staying on the topic of alone-ness.  Writing solo authored material is sort of a quinessentially alone activity.  And I have over two years of it to catch up on.  Trying to do some each day in the office.  Can’t do it at night at home.  Need clear thoughts and silence…


Ru-Jun @ the beach today June 17, 2012

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