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We might lose kindergarten May 4, 2012

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Rocky Point is proposing to raise the school budget level 3.2% which is above the state-mandated (new law) $1.84% increase in order to have a straight majority vote.  The higher increase requires a 60% majority, which is a tall order.  The good news is that in the last two budget years, they’ve gotten > 60%.  So maybe it will make it.  If it fails they are talking about taking kindergarten from full day to half day or eliminating it (hard to imagine a school district without any kindergarten).  We’ll have to worry about it next year too.  Ru-Jun will have to go to kindergarten of some kind, so we’ll find a private place if we need to.  Hopefully it won’t cost any more than what day care is costing right now.

The tax whiners that currently control local and state politics are clearly against basic American values and principles.  I may leave the Democratic party over this issue.  I need a party who stands for people, not moneyed interests and anti-tax, un-American idiots.


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