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Ru-Jun has discovered the Disney channel February 22, 2012

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Here current faves are Jessie, Austin and Allie, Shake it Up, and Wizards of Waverly Place.  Most of this is for pre-teens or pre-pre-teens.  So a little old for her.  But there is some catchy (if highly redundant) music and amidst the contrived overacting an occasional or highly cute moment.  It could be a lot worse…


Non-winter so far February 21, 2012

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It certainly has been convenient only having to shovel snow once this winter. Will this continue until spring arrives? Probably another month of potential hard, cold winter. Then into April to get to real 0% snow chances and true spring.


Learning to Write February 20, 2012

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Not pushing it quite yet but it would be nice if Ru-Jun could be writing pretty good by the time she goes to kindergarten in fall of 2013. The teachers at day care are working on this a bit with her. She is showing signs of starting up the learning curve. Tonight she was working on writing an R. She can do the left straight down stroke, then asks me to do the rounded stroke. Then she can do the last little leg stroke. A start.


Sleeping through February 19, 2012

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Ru-Jun slept through the night in her own room last night. A first. She awoke and cried for me a little after seven and I let her come to my bed. This is an important step. She needs to put it together with going to sleep by herself, which she has officially done twice now, albeit both times after trying and failing to get to sleep with me there.


Ru-Jun is feeling pretty good February 18, 2012

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She had a touch of pneumonia that developed after last week’s asthma attack.  But with antibiotics that has gone away and now we are using the nebulizer three times a day to try to clear the lungs out.


Recurrent dream motifs

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Here are some things that repeatedly have come up in my dreams over the years:

Being naked in public
End of semester and there is a final exam of a course I’m enrolled in and never attended
Snakes all over the place
Flusting in a lake or the ocean with vivid scary sea life all around
Finding coins all over the place
Needing to find a bathroom and there aren’t any or they are all in extremely weird or non-private places


Ru-Jun and Mommy February 16, 2012

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Painting together this evening