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Sleeping through February 19, 2012

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Ru-Jun slept through the night in her own room last night. A first. She awoke and cried for me a little after seven and I let her come to my bed. This is an important step. She needs to put it together with going to sleep by herself, which she has officially done twice now, albeit both times after trying and failing to get to sleep with me there.


Ru-Jun is feeling pretty good February 18, 2012

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She had a touch of pneumonia that developed after last week’s asthma attack.  But with antibiotics that has gone away and now we are using the nebulizer three times a day to try to clear the lungs out.


Recurrent dream motifs

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Here are some things that repeatedly have come up in my dreams over the years:

Being naked in public
End of semester and there is a final exam of a course I’m enrolled in and never attended
Snakes all over the place
Flusting in a lake or the ocean with vivid scary sea life all around
Finding coins all over the place
Needing to find a bathroom and there aren’t any or they are all in extremely weird or non-private places


Ru-Jun and Mommy February 16, 2012

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Painting together this evening



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The Jeremy Lin story has been pretty amazing. We’ve been watching the Knicks for about a week. The start more or less coincided with me getting sick. Before that I was interested in the Knicks but whenever I watched they seemed to do especially poorly. It has been the opposite for seven games now.


Cauliflower February 15, 2012

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There are some serious problems with fresh cauliflower these days. They always have problems with darkening, which I presume is oxidation. And the flavor is often off. The last one we had tasted like paint or glue or something. I think we’ll abandon this vegetable for a while.


Just watched February 13, 2012

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Revenge of the Electric Car on Hulu+. Good documentary. Very interesting. Pretty inspiring actually.


She succeeded February 12, 2012

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Ru-Jun has been putting herself to sleep for naps for quite a while, at daycare and babysitters’, and recently at home. Last night she actually got herself to sleep at night without Daddy being next to her. It took a serious effort and she needed a lot of encouragement (and one angry outburst from me) to give it enough of a try to make it happen. It’s a significant step. She didn’t sleep through the night there because of her stuffy sinuses, but that’s OK. Now we need to make this the norm so she can get good at it and we can get onto the next step.



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Ry-Jun is trying to go to sleep by herself right now. This is after failing to fall asleep with my help for over an hour. It’s 12:30 AM. Some nights are like this. She hasn’t succeeded yet at one of these attempts but maybe tonight will be the night.


Recovering February 11, 2012

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Ru-Jun’s asthma attack ended up as pneumonia and I went down with a stomach bug. We stayed home the last two days. She has lots of meds and is OK. I’m just about back to feeling normal but my appetite is not really back yet. Thursday, the day after Shian-Ren’s birthday, was one of the hardest days for me in a long long time. Shian-Ren is OK, thankfully.