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Spring is trying to arrive March 7, 2010

Filed under: Family pics and updates — lioutrue @ 2:19 PM

A nice day close to 50˚F here on the island, with not too much of a cold breeze. We went to Kohls today and got a few things for Ru-Jun. One was a toy to help her begin learning the numbers on a clock, which is good that we didn’t give her as a gift. There are very negative connotations for giving clocks as gifts in China. I was looking for a fleece to replace one with a broken zipper. But the winter inventory is all gone. Apparently we are now supposed to be wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. A similar thing happened last Labor Day when I was looking for lawn chairs in Lowe’s. No lawn chairs but plenty of snow shovels and snow blowers on sale.
We went to the town park yesterday. It would have been warm if not for the stiff north breeze.


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