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11 hours for Ru-Jun last night September 16, 2014

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Last night Ru-Jun fell asleep while I was nebulizing her after dinner. She stayed asleep (with a few brief awakenings, including one to ingest her meds, brush her teeth, and do some more nebulization) until 7 this morning. She was very pleasant this morning and it was an easy school morning. My parents went home after a really nice visit. As always, they helped us out a lot, including covering with Ru-Jun several times.


my sports fandom

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My sports fandom was the kiss of death this past weekend. Colts are now 0-2. Mariners played themselves out of the playoffs, pretty much. And Wigan is in the lower middle of their league, showing no signs that they might advance this year.


Freedom September 13, 2014

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Just an observation, not a complaint. I have the least freedom of any time in my life so far. I also have the least freedom of just about any adult I know.


No interest in class reunions September 12, 2014

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Apart from a seeing few close friends from high school and college, I really have no interest in attending class reunions (2015 is 30th high school; 2014 is 25th college). I was not then (either time) who I am now. I was an inferior being. I now know how I should have acted during those times. It would have been useful knowledge at the time.


into the fall semester September 11, 2014

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Tomorrow finishes my third week of the semester and Ru-Jun’s 2nd week. Things are going pretty well so far. Hectic, but handle-able. Saturday we start Chinese school for the year (same as last year). Ru-Jun will have gymnastics on Monday nights (starts next week) and art (starts this week) and swimming (starts next week) on Friday evenings.


body hair

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Ru-Jun has lately been a tad obsessed by body hair, mostly hers but also mine. I suppose it is a phase. She seems acutely aware of the very light fuzz she has. I assure her that it will never look like mine (my arm/wrist hair is fairly prominent).


ignored clocks September 9, 2014

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A couple of clock gifts (one small alarm clock for Shian-Ren and a hello kitty projection clock for Ru-Jun) have been sitting around the house in working order but not being used. I just haven’t had the motivation to fix them/use them/put them away or something. I don’t know why. Maybe a physical representation of time is somehow toxic to me subconsciously.



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