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hives April 17, 2014

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Ru-Jun threw up this afternoon and had hives this evening.  I gave her some Benadryl and her appetite came back and she is having a late dinner. Best we can figure is that she is reacting to something in the sausage she had at George’s, the diner uptown where we had brunch.  Might have had a nut product or peanut oil in it.  She did not eat anything else unusual today. The same thing happened (sans throwing up) when she had Chinese pancakes cooked in peanut oil a couple of years ago. She seems OK.  Hopefully she will not itch too much overnight.


Ru-Jun back to normal health April 16, 2014

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Ru-Jun has gotten a lot of rest on her spring break so far.  She is pretty much back to health except for a few residual coughs (which I have too).  She is enjoying Grandma and Grandpa visiting and generally being a very good girl when I am at work.


New wintry blast

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We got a coating of ice overnight (now melting in the sun) and today it will only get up to about 40˚F. It will take another three days to break 60˚F again.  The jet stream continues to be messed up like it was most of the winter. Places north got snow.  Pretty unwelcome on April 16.


some nice days April 14, 2014

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April has given us a few nice days so far.  But not without either chilly winds, or really strong and annoying winds.  And after tomorrow it gets a bit cold again.


Nice to have Mom and Dad here

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Ru-Jun has Spring Break this week so It’s nice to have Mom and Dad here to keep her company when I have to be at work. We are both still coughing a bit but are almost completely recovered.  Spring allergens are also present and probably messing with her lungs a little.


Good day but still fatigued April 12, 2014

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Today was a beautiful spring day until late afternoon when the East ocean breeze became stiff and cold. Ru-Jun slept in util 10:30 or so and we went out twice, the second time to the playground.  In between, Ru-Jun took a two hour nap.  So she was really still behind on sleep.  We are both still coughing goop out of our lungs. Ru-Jun was pretty energetic at the playground, which is a good sign, and she seems to be back to her old, well-rested and normal energy self this evening.  We still need to get to her shower.  I was pretty wiped out after the playground but I also caught a second wind this evening.  So I think we are almost back to normal.


Another tough day April 11, 2014

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Ru-Jun made it through the school day today, but not without a visit to the nurse’s office for a while.  She fell asleep again in the late afternoon when I got her home and that took out the dance lesson.  She definitely needed it.  She ate a decent dinner and was pleasant after she woke up. I’m feeling a bit better.  But this thing is holding on to both of us for quite a long time.  We have no Chinese class the next two weekends.  I’m going to let her sleep in for as long as she wants tomorrow and the next few days.



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