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Parents visiting September 1, 2014

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My parents are here for a week or so. Very welcome, as it has been since early summer since they visited and we are unable to drive to Palmyra for the time being. We’ll need their help this week to look after Ru-Jun as we go to a couple of medical appointments. We are trying to get imaging scheduled but the insurance company is putting up some roadblocks that are resulting in delays.


Nice visits last weekend

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Roman and Sri and their boys and Eliza and Brent visited last Saturday and we had a really nice afternoon and dinner with them. The next day, Ru-Jun went with Roman’s family to Fire Island and had a great time. She and the boys get along famously.


Burnout and grief August 27, 2014

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I’ve considered myself burned out since I graduated college. And I could not afford to fully grieve Shian-Ren’s stroke at the time, so I’ve stretched that out and I think I experience the grief on a daily basis, often in the form of unfocused anger (or anger at things for which there is no one to blame, which does not decrease the anger at all). The key is to be able to get things done while being burned out and to let the anger just flow through and don’t let it affect me. Some days it’s easier to do this than others.


Pain receding only slowly

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It has been a few days and I am off the Vicodin and trying to proceed with just ibuprofen. The intense pain is gone and the area is no longer temperature sensitive. But there is a dull ache that gets worse as the day goes on and the tooth is sensitive to sharp impacts. I have to chew anything that is not soft on the other side. Hopefully it will still improve.


Pain August 23, 2014

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The pain was pretty intense this morning, so I called the dentist and he prescribed some Vicodin. I made the mistake of trying to chew/eat something while waiting for the scrip to be filled and this resulted in intense pain that didn’t go away for about an hour after I took the pill.
5 hours into my first pill. It’s helping some but my tooth is still sore as hell. Can’t chew anything, even on the other side. This stuff is not as good as the codeine I had when my wisdoms came out, which was a hell of a lot more trauma then the little drill-fill I got yesterday.


Filling August 22, 2014

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Managed to get an appointment this afternoon. There was a small chip (from gum chewing; I know exactly when this happened; Ru-Jun and I were on a go-cart at Country Fair on Tuesday). He put a filling in. I still need Ibuprophen and will for a day or two but it is certainly no worse than it was. Hopefully it will get back to normal and I won’t need something more drastic (root canal).


Need a dentist appt

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Wow. I have to get to the dentist. Since Tuesday I’ve had really bad temp sensitivity between my back two lower right molars. The pain whenever I drink anything non room temp is nearly blinding. Ibuprophen (but not tylenol) gets it back to baseline OK, but as soon as I drink something – it flares. It’s like someone hit me in the side of the face with a baseball bat.



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